Studio Amelia is a contemporary footwear brand founded by Emily Amelia Inglis in 2019. With a focus on minimalism, elegance, and sustainability, the brand operates between London and Sydney, infusing a global perspective into its designs.

Sustainability is ingrained in Studio Amelia’s ethos. The brand carefully sources premium materials and collaborates with skilled artisans to ensure exceptional quality and durability. The designs embody timeless aesthetics with clean lines and refined silhouettes, allowing for versatile styling and effortless integration into any wardrobe.

Studio Amelia represents a shift towards more conscious and considered fashion. With its limited releases, customer engagement, and commitment to sustainability, the brand exemplifies a harmonious balance of style, quality, and responsible practices. It offers discerning individuals a mindful choice in footwear that transcends trends and embraces enduring elegance.

Studio Amelia